Saturday, 8 November 2008

Photographing the Ford Escort Day 2

It is very unusual to find a car still there on a second day, but of course I will always pop along somewhat half heartedly just to put some closure on the car. But there it was untouched.

By now I have many (and I would say more than enough) photographs of the car and anything new would be generated by:
Change in the weather. (perhaps overnight frost on the metal)
Heavy overnight rain (creates puddles on the roofs, changes the surface colour)
Damage by bored kids (they create great bumps on the bonnet giving an effect of a mountainous landscape)
Different sunlight from previous day.

The sunlight proved to be the major difference from yesterdays cloudy dark sky to period of no more than an hour of golden Autumn sunlight.

I carried on experimenting from yesterday and even tried some flash photography once the small amount of sunlight dipped. It is difficult to extract anything different after a good long session on the first day, within 24 hours the metal becomes too rusty and its hard to transform the pictures into anything but a rusty surface and of course the aim of my finished images is to alter them far away from their originating base line.

There was no day 3 the car was still on the park until late in the afternoon but a typical November day with dank light and fine misty rain would not facilitate any sharp quality photographs.

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