Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Solihull College Fine Art Degree Show

My own art practice has been a little quiet during the last couple of months a victim of the credit crunch it seems, more about this and my theories why in future posts but for now I might as well talk about other artists work. I went to two degree shows last week and saw some impressive work, more to follow about the Birmingham University show but for now my visit to the Solihull College BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree Show “Nineteen Degrees

As I completed my degree at Solihull College I like to support their Fine Art BA (Hons) Show but this year I couldn’t make the Preview Night but I found it better to visit the show away from the crowds

Alex Lydon Solihull College Degree Show 01

First body of work that caught my eye and impressed was by Alex Lydon. The work has to be viewed with the 3D glasses,

Alex Lydon Solihull College Degree Show 02

so it’s virtual impossible to photograph accurately in short it highlights the fact that:  “photographs are generally seen to convey factual visual information where paintings are not”.

John Henry Thomas Solihull College Degree Show 01

Its been a long 6 years for John Henry Thomas who eventually finished the BA which he chose to do part time, (a full time commitment is 3 years) he deserves some kind of award on top of his degree for lasting the pace, it must be horrible seeing students finish who began the course after you started.

John Henry Thomas Solihull College Degree Show 02

Johns work has always featured animals and illustrated his excellent drawing skills although his canvas has increased in size by about 2000%

Emily Forder Solihull College Degree Show

Emily Forder work is related to Obsessive Compulsion her installation contained many tablet bottles, smells of medication and the walls were covered with a representation of the human digestive system.

Rebekah Fearn Solihull College Degree Show

I decided I wouldn’t go in the Fine Art studio this year until the Degree Show but I had to go there once and I saw Rebekah Fearn working on her instillation, I avoided asking what’s it all about? Because I wanted to wait for the show, none the less that peep was enough to make me look forward to seeing it completed. It represents a ‘womb-like’ space, a place of nostalgia providing security and comfort.

Hannah Raithby-Allin Solihull College Degree Show

I had no idea what this work by Hannah Raithby-Allin was about until I read the brochure – it deals with Conformity and the way society expects conformity even with children going to school aged 4.  simple and effective.

Helen Rand Solihull College Degree Show

Helen Rand who’s work focuses on with the illness and recovery from cancer told me she had almost completed her work for the show when she was allotted a larger area and so it was a race against time to complete more paintings.

Solihull College BA traditionally have a larger selection of painters than the other shows and here are two great artists to follow that tradition.

Mark Skirving Solihull College Degree Show 01

Mark Skirving Solihull College Degree Show 02

Mark Skirving


Jenny Mann Solihull College Degree Show 01
Jenny Mann Solihull College Degree Show 02

Jenny Mann

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