Thursday, 25 June 2009

Tanya Raabe - Who’s Who Defining the Faces of an Arts Movement

Colin Hambrook - Tanya Raabe - David King

Colin Hambrook  -  Tanya Raabe  -  David King

Currently showing at the Solihull Arts Gallery is an exhibition featuring the work of Tanya Raabe a collection of portraits of other disabled artists.

For Once Its Not a Thursday Night

I was very pleased to see that the Artist Talk as part of the show was scheduled this time for a Monday night, everything seems to be arranged for Thursdays in the local art world and its impossible for me to attend. Every exhibition private view or preview is on a Thursday, events such as the very good Creative Networks monthly networking night was moved from Wednesday to Thursday (because of the football on TV). I’m a member of the Solihull Artists Forum but I rarely attend a meeting because its on a Thursday (and generally in competition with something else that night). Even my own artist talk at the gallery was on a Thursday

So you can imagine my delight when a flyer arrived notifying me its on a Monday (I didn’t believe it so I had to read again) I sent a email and joked with Aimee Green the Arts Development Officer at Solihull, she said it was on Monday just to accommodate me. Yep. So Monday comes and as I’m changing clothes I lean down to pick up some trousers and I felt my back go! Ouch! I thought not tonight of all nights. Anyway with the aide of a few pain killers I made it.

Julie McNamara

Julie McNamara

I was very glad I made it Tanya gave a great introduction to the artists of the Disability Art Movement.

Mat Fraser

Mat Fraser

The show Who’s Who Defining the Faces of an Arts Movement continues at the Solihull Arts complex until 4 July

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