Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Great news from the Bourneville BA Visual Arts Degree Show 2009.

I went along to the Birmingham University degree show at Bourneville last week and enjoyed some high quality work; I think I enjoyed it more because I had a friend Nita Walters giving me a guided tour.

Birmingham University

My Guide gives some scale to this piece

Now this is very helpful because the show is spread out over several building extensions and floors, but it was great to have someone contextualize each piece of work, I am not a great one for interpreting artist statements and I find this spoils my enjoyment of art, I really hate it when the artist does not want you to know what its all about. I find its very important for me to spell out the detail of my work and this aspect was discussed at length during my “Artist Talk” at my exhibition “You Will Never Look at Them In The Same Way Again” at the Solihull Gallery back in February this year. But I’m sticking to my guns.

Nita Walters

This is Nita’s work she managed to get these old TVs from the excellent recycling site

Her statement reads

As an artist, my interests lie within the relationship between my own personal experiences of neighbourhood and that of my neighbours. My experimental audiovisual pieces tie into the perception of place, memory, personal boundaries and its psychological effect on the self.

Although my current work is bordering on social documentary and anecdote, the act of obtaining interviews through personal intervention is as important as the work itself as I attempt to translate my experiences from my own artistic standpoint within an installation context.

My interventions have led me to collecting digital subjective anecdotal accounts from strangers who pass me from person to person. From these interviews I translate the essence of feeling regarding my experiences of this process through audio and various media. The act of obtaining these interviews has affected how I see my neighbourhood and its openness to exploration within communities that I see as becoming more and more disparate at street level.”

I received a text message to say she achieved a First and also gained the Emma Jessie Phipps award for Outstanding Studentship

Here's some more work from the show and a link to the website

Birmingham University Bourneville

Interesting work about a film, this photograph is positioned in such a way that the viewer cant stand back further to focus it.

BA Visual Arts

Nita has a break on furniture made from cardboard

 Birmingham University degree show Bourneville

Still on the cardboard theme as you can imagine there is something going on in there

Birmingham University degree show at Bourneville

and sometimes your not sure if objects are part of the show or not


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