Monday, 27 July 2009

In Search Of That Elusive Burnt Out Car In The Wilds Of Deepest Warwickshire

I was at the cricket club last night having a few pints after watching and photographing the first team when the second team came back to the clubhouse they told me about a dumped car that was in a ditch not far from were they had been playing at Ansley near Nuneaton.

Its been so long time since I found a burnt out car (February I think) so I wasn’t bothered about travelling about 50 miles for the chance of some pictures. I spent ages trying to find the burn out going off the beaten track up some beautiful country lanes, in fact I might go back there to take some scenic photos one day but I wasn’t prepaid to waste the space on my cameras media card, also it had started to rain and the light was deteriorating (and this is Summer).

I asked a few people and one woman told me that when she first saw the crash she thought it was her brothers but was relived to find it wasn’t. Eventually I saw a lorry parked at the bottom of a hill on a sharp bend and there in the ditch was a Citroen saloon car. Unfortunately it hadn’t caught fire.

no Chance of a contemporary work of art here 

It was hard to see how anyone had survived the crash: there was no sign of bodies, no sign even of blood stains but at the same time it was impossible to see how the occupants had got out, Furthermore from my experience of attending burnt out cars I know that the emergency services would hack into the panels to get people from crumpled wreck, but there was no sign of any struggle.

At least it appears no one was killed

There was no smell of petrol which was a good job because the battery was still connected and damaged bare wires and lights would have ignited the fumes. And ha presto there’s my burnt out car.

the trouble with abstract art you dont know which is the right way up

The owner of the lorry was a scrap metal dealer and was interested in a few components he dragged the car up the ditch but in so doing buried the end of his tow rope underneath a from there we couldn’t push it back.

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