Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Artwork Delivered for the Exhibition at Aston University Business School

Saturday Morning I delivered 2 art pieces for the Arts and Business Visual exhibition at the Aston Business School. Normally I deliver the work a few days before the installation date to The Framers in the Custard Factory and that’s all I have to do, they install the exhibition and next time I see it is at the private view a few weeks later. However, this time the printing of one of the pieces was held up because the inks in the printer have been changed, that’s not just replacing a cartridge with the same cartridge, no, in January 2009 Action Graphics invested in a major upgrade to the inks for the machine that prints my images onto glass.

The quality of the work produced with the new ink is outstanding but each photograph that hasn’t been printed previously with the inks has to go through a calibration process to match the output with my original file, this process can take the best part of a day

There’s some good news if you purchased one of my photographs before 2009 because that would be printed using a unique process that will never be repeated

Martin The Man Responsible For Printing My Photos on Glass

Martin The Man Responsible For Printing My Photos on Glass

Anyway all this extra work for Martin who prints my images onto glass for me has meant that deliver took a little longer. Because I didn’t want to rush this important process I arranged to take the work direct to the venue.

Shared Earth at Aston Business School

And there alongside the new work was Shared Earth which the Business School purchased last year, I have never seen the piece in situ at the University so it gave me the opportunity to record the work on the wall.
You can see all the work in the exhibition here via the Visual website

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frillip moolog: said...

Hello John I hope the Visual for Business exhibition is going well. I've just read that there is a competition for the public to vote for their favourite. Best of luck with that too.
How long is the show on for? If I'm able to I'd like to visit it.