Saturday, 28 June 2008

A nice sirprise, Aston Business School purchase one of my pictures.

Aston Business School in Birmingham whom in the past have purchased some of my work have had a copy of Shared Earth on loan for about 3 months and the picture was due to come down this week. As I was driving towards Aston I got a phone call from the the installers from Arts and Business who organised the show to say that as they were unscrewing the first fixings from the wall they were told to stop because the Business School are going to purchase it.

Now I know selling my work and making a living is the name of the game but this has caused a few problems because this was the copy of the photograph that is going into the Open West Midlands 08 show, so there has been some frantic activity replacing the art work and delivering on time to the Wolverhampton Gallery. First the glass has to be produced hopefully giving the printers enough time to print the image on the glass, simple enough, but its all a question of slotting into machine times. for example I have to wait for the glass makers to be processing 6mm sheet glass and join that batch and then ofcourse it has to be toughened.

At least my art work is photography and a new copy can be produced, imagine what fun I would have if it was an oil painting, anyway everybody pulled out the stops and I’m off to Wolverhampton in the morning.

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