Monday, 16 June 2008

Preview Show for "New Photography on Screen" Exhibition New Generation Arts Festival Thursday 12 May

TV Screens turned on and with just a few teething problems we managed to get the technology working as one. Its been a very hectic period for art shows, with all the degree events etc everybody I spoke to seemed to be knackered and had an overload of Art so we didn't know if anybody would turn up or how many, but in the end we had a great turn out.

Because the art was displayed on plasma and LCD screens and the Custard Factory gallery has a glass roof we didn't want a sunny summer evening, obviously we wanted the images to be seen at their best. but I had a conflict of interests because I wanted light for my photographs. I was so involved in networking and talking about my work I forgot to take some shots until it was getting late, However, I think the conditions added some atmosphere to the pictures.

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