Sunday, 8 June 2008

Not the quietest of weeks to start my blog

A busy time to be starting a blog, It all started on Monday and looking at what was ahead I never thought I would get everything done in a week. Somehow I have got to Sunday a week later and while I will be working into the early hours again its almost finished.

Amongst other things this week I have:

- Gutted out my kitchen ready for the builders to start installing a new one.

Travelled up and down the motorway with a 320 mile round trip from Birmingham to Exeter. Experienced a blow out while I had my foot down in the outside lane of the motorway and then found out that the spare wheel I had carried around in my boot for 3 years was too big. I therefore had to take time out visiting scrap yards for a suitable wheel.

I'm involved in the "New Photography on Screen" Exhibition which is a part of the Birmingham City University, New Generation Arts Festival at the Custard Factory, Birmingham. I decided to develop some new images for the show and eventually finished with a submission of 63 photographs, after all the hours of Photoshop development my eyes are square.

An as yet "Untitled" new picture.

Do you know what it is yet? Have a look at my website I promise you will never look at them (it) in the same way again.

Because the theme of the festival is Digital Utopia the work is being displayed on LCD and Plasma TV screens. We therefore installed the equipment and images on Friday 6th June, this gives us plenty of time to sort out any inevitable problems.

At least I didn't have to get a load of printing done and hump framed pictures to be installed

I also managed to photo two burnt out cars what a week

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