Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Problems with Blogging

This hasn't been the best of days for me.

I have had a tooth that needs to be taken out and for about 2 months I have tried to juggle appointments and work so that I can get it fixed, today I'm in loads of pain but there is still no sign of a window in my diary to go to the dentist and then recover.

The washing machine broke coming to a halt with an almighty noise then flooding the kitchen floor.

Then finally worst of all I'm trying to upload my pictures to the blog but for some strange reason they aren't formatting correct, I have never had a this problem before and I can't understand why it should happen now. The files I am loading are the same size as my previous successful posts. Unfortunately a job that would take 5 minutes has taken about 2 hours.

More photos from the show.

This is like a Flickr site with all the photos, I've got one of those too. My Flickr Site

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