Thursday, 14 October 2010

I shall be making my way down to the beautiful city of Bath to visit the exhibition Britain From The Air

In the early days of developing my car project I found great inspiration from the work of Yann Arthus Bertrand and his acclaimed project The Earth From Above. By coincidence the exhibition was on show in Birmingham city centre and it was through viewing that series of large photographs in the open air and bright sunshine that I began to think of my work moving away from pretty rusty images to photographs that create an illusion of landscape, this then became an important aspect of the statement of my work

“…….Using results of the explosion; scorched metal, molten glass, fabrics, and plastics, the rust and the gallons of water from the firemen’s hose I strive to turn a negative blot on the landscape using technology, photography and oil paint to transform the textual image into a positive beautiful landscape”.

I am therefore drawn to images of landscape and aerial photography and came across “Britain from the Air” a free exhibition on display in streets surrounding Bath Abbey. I came across this event via a slide show on the BBC website
And by yet another coincidence on the same day I found this set of pictures from one of my favourite sites The Big Picture  This time the focus is on Florida from above. Take a look at both sites to compare the contrasting layout.

To make the final comparison: my own work,

Blog Image

This image originates from a photograph I took of a discarded panel from an old burn out, which I took home and added to the many other pieces that I have in my backgarden. No flowers, no vegetables just car bonnets and side panels in my English country garden.

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