Saturday, 6 August 2011

A Return To Blogging

About 12 months ago I had this wild idea to reorganise my existence on the web, to stop blogging on my various sites and spend time planning the future strategy. The main problem and reason for this drastic pruning and remodelling was because I realised that my websites and blogs have evolved over a period of time, there is no planed framework and this led to duplication.
At that stage my plan was to change my website to a portal of all my online activities linking to separate websites for each of my projects and further more linking to my social media Facebook and Twitter activity. This Blogger blog would be no more because I was going to produce a Wordpress blog attached to my website, indeed the blog illustrates the reasons for change, the title of the blog “You will never look at them in the same way again” refers to one project a very important large project that no longer needs research and developing. It runs.  But, I have now moved forward with so much more work and in the last 12 months I have:

Getty Image Boy On Swing

Become a Getty Image Artist.

Derby Format Festival Image

Exhibited as part of a collective at the Format Street Photography Festival

F Stop Magazine

Had a series of Self Portraits published in F-Stop Magazine

100 Strangers

Completed the 100 Strangers (well 99 with one special one to finish off)

365 a photo a day

I’m in year 3 of the 365 a Photo a Day Everyday

Burnt out van

And I have also photographed the odd burnt out car

So why am I posting now, why the change of heart. Well I never did get round to delving into code and creating new sites, or clear the kitchen table and produce artistic Mind Maps and Mandellas, the project manager software remains in the box and I thought at least with the old setup at least I’m produced something to tell the world about my art. So I’ll keep it going until I defeat this procrastination thing.


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