Friday, 19 December 2008

Getting ready for my exhibition at the Solihull Arts Complex at the Touchwood Centre. Solihull

“You Will Never Look at Them in the Same Way Again” the Exhibition!!!
Venue:  Solihull Arts Complex
Address: Library Square
Homer Road
West Midlands

Date: From Monday 19th January to Saturday 7th March 2009
Private View Thursday 22nd January 6pm to 7:30

Stand by for some unashamedly over the top self promoting of my upcoming show at the Solihull Arts Complex. As it’s a one man show there is loads of pressure:
How long will my glass suppliers be closed over the Christmas holidays?
What will happen if the pictures don’t come back from the printers in time?
What if no one comes to the Private View?
What happens if there’s a 10 foot snow fall on the afternoon of the Private View
There you are a typical Capricorn and it is also that time of the year. 

So far so good I had an amazing time with Jackie Mackay and Steph Adams two fellow members of the Solihull Artist Forum, we got together at the café Sainsburys Supermarket in Shirley Solihull and we put the World to right, had a great laugh and also found time to select the images that are going into the exhibition. Me I just throw them on the wall, nope these girls are serious, hardcore curators “will the streak of Alizarin Crimson blend with the Transparent Red Ochre on the picture on the other side of the room” I kid you not.  So now the pictures are chosen and the glass manufacture has begun ready for the printing process in the New Year.

We sat drinking coffee for about 2 hours and in that time loads of other customers looked at the portfolio so hopefully they will make their way down to the town centre and see the show. In fact the response was so good I might approach Sainsburys about taking on a franchise and aim to sell my work via these coffee drinking “sit ins” well with the credit crunch you have to explore all marketing avenues. 

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