Sunday, 21 December 2008

A trip to London planned to collect one of my pieces that is exhibited in the capital

The preparation work for the exhibition at Solihull Arts Complex is going well with the glass company and the printers able to deliver on time. I was worried because the Christmas break throws all routine out of the window companies close for the holidays so effectively this will cover this weekend through to 5th January, I have also known situations when individual workers will take addition holiday around this time, so consider if say Martin the operator at the printers who is responsible for the machine that produces my work goes skiing in January this would be a huge problem. I have 8 new art pieces to produce and Martin is central to my plans, he has worked with me over a period of time and is now able to interpret my digital photos and produces that image on the glass. Its taken time, trial and error and a great deal of sharing our respective expertise in print and photography to get our finished results, so imagine my relief when I was told that Martin had had a winter break last week.

I decided to use a large copy of one of the images as the focal point of the exhibition it is a one off never to be repeated edition of this image much larger than my usual prints,  I already have this printed but it is currently exhibited at “Art for Offices” in London,. normally I courier packages down to London, its very cost effective and saves me driving into the centre of the capital but this time I have decided to kill two birds with one stone by visiting Arts for Offices to meet the people down there for the first time and collect the piece, this will also ensure I can get it to the show without breaking it in transit, remember this is a unique piece that for various reasons can not be replaced.

After making this decision I worked out the logistics involved, I used to regularly drive through London from the M1 to the A23 when I used to live in Brighton, this was in the 70s and 80s when the M25 wasn’t even on the planners drawing board I knew the best times to travel to get that window of clearish road and also a little illegal short cut that would get me out of the heavy traffic in the West End rejoining the road signs for Hatfield and the North way past the Lords cricket ground, this could reduce my journey time by an hour.
My "London A to Z Street Map" purchased about 1984 still serves me well when I travel down to London on the train, from the stations I  just need to walk a few blocks down the road and of course I can use my reading glasses but driving from the M40 through to Tower Bridge, I don’t think so! I will trust to Tom Tom. 

No pictures to go with this post so I thought you might look at a photo I worked on last night this was after a few pints of Guinness at the Four Oaks Saints Christmas party so I got very creative.

Which way do you think is best this way or

This way?

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