Friday, 29 August 2008

Massive up surge in clicks to the blog today

“You Will Never Look at Them in the Same Way Again” has chugged along on the www for 3 months and the number of clicks to the site has steadily been growing, I notice from my stats programme that I get quite a few visitors from China and the Far East I often wonder how? and what triggers them to find it (just a thought), everyone is welcome.

Today I had a shock to notice a massive rise in visitors and this was down to a mention on the highly esteemed Created in Birmingham blog which reports on all things Art and Arty in Birmingham. A big thank you to those guys for the plug I feel like an overnight discovery with the recognition.

“You Will Never Look at Them in the Same Way Again” has managed to build up some content and I have decided that it could now stand up to being promoted and I therefore registered with Technorati so when I saw all these clicks I thought it was as a result of that work. I have also made applications to some Photography Webrings but the setting up on these seems to take a little longer because you have to wait for the Webmaster to ok your site as suitable and not just a way of gaining random links. You should see the various buttons and logos appearing soon.

Watching You Watching Me
Been using Google Analytics since it was released on the World about 2 years ago and been happy with this product even more so when you consider it’s a freebie like all the Google goodies. Recently came across another website tracking tool which really is good again is free, unless you’re running a site or group of sites that is generating huge traffic that fills the limits of the free version within a few day. I have been very impressed with the features and the almost real time availability of the data.

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Chris Unitt said...

Hi, Chris from CiB here. Good to hear you had some extra visitors, I enjoyed flicking through your past entries and bet a few others did too. All the best.