Friday, 29 August 2008

A News Item like This Brings a Tear to My Eye

I often see news pictures from war zones and see burnt out vehicles and realise that it would be a bit dangerous nipping over there just to get some fine art photographs, although as everyone tells me it would certainly put more value on my work and make them very collectable if I was dead. I don’t think I will consider that business development route in the near future.

While on the BBC news site I came across this story of a mansion in Shropshire that had been destroyed by what the police believe as an arson attack.

I looked at the picture closer and noticed the vehicles that are burnt out in the grounds.

reading the article I found out the family owned amongst others 2 Range Rovers (always get good surfaces from them something in the type of steel they use) and a Ferrari. I have never photographed a Ferrari but I certainly would like the opportunity. Sadly there is no chance of getting anywhere close to these because obviously the police forensics will be thoroughly searching for some time and I presume they will be quarantined and even if they are sent to a recovery yard that will be well after the time when the surfaces are suitable for my photography work.

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