Thursday, 28 August 2008

Towcester Open Art 08 or Birmingham Artsfest08

Sadly I had to pull my application for the Towester Open08 Exhibition. The annual Birmingham Artsfest runs the same weekend and although I toyed with idea of attending both I think it would be unrealistic. My mainly reason is because the ArtsFest event is so big with the whole spectrum of the arts featuring throughout the weekend of Friday 12th to Sunday 14th September there are so many artists, bands, dance troupes and of course the general public converging in Birmingham City centre that it’s a logistical nightmare for the small team of organisers and because of this there will be the inevitable slip in the timetable. So I anticipate delays of some kind while I am setting up my work on the Friday afternoon or taking it down on Sunday evening, last year the installation wasn’t completed until about 6 hours after the planned time slot, I got blocked in the car park and had to delay taking my work from the Council House because of a storm. If I have to travel 50 miles away to the Towcester and be there for narrow time slots I just know something is going to go wrong. Sad because I really wanted to support the Towcester event after a great experience last year, but Artsfest is not one to miss.

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