Friday, 5 September 2008

Open West Midlands Exhibition Open Night

The exhibition has been running through the summer at the Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery in Lichfield St and I went along for the open evening. It was good to look at the art and discuss with the other artists their pieces on show. I do like to hear artists explaining the concepts behind their work, often you can understand people saying “my 5 year old could do that” and then your told the context and it all takes on a new level. I’m sure people look at my work in a different way once they understand its beginnings.

There are several other shows on in the gallery at the moment; one I noticed records in photographs the troubles in Northern Ireland

and I just couldn’t resist taking some shots of this image.

I travelled over to Wolverhampton on public transport so that I could have a drink in one (or two) of the excellent pubs in the area or even and on the tram route back to Birminghams Snow Hill station.

White Rose at Bilston

Number one on my list was the White Rose at Bilston where they serve an excellent pint of Guinness. However, when I cam out of the art gallery the rain was very heavy and just walking a short distance to the tram I got soaked so I didn’t really feel in the mood to get off again and go for a drink I ended up staying on the tram.

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