Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The BBCs Test Match Special Flickr Site

As a keen cricketer and listener to the Test Match Special radio commentary I also click on the TMS Flickr site.

Aggers and Eric Clapton

Now you would expect that an organisation such as the BBC would employ someone to do this job who can actually take a descent photo and who has at least a beginner’s ability in Photoshop Elements. There is really no excuse for a consistent poor quality image especially as the BCC are linking to this Flickr/blog from the main News-Sport pages.

Comedian Mark Steel joins Jonathan Agnew at Edgbaston

They could (and probably will) in their defence say that the light conditions are not ideal. for example the contrast with shadow light in the studio and the bright summer sunshine outside through the large window create havoc but in this picture taken outside on the cricket ground the same heavy shadow applies.

Mark Pougatch interviews James Anderson in front of the Lords Pavilion

You don’t need expensive equipment in fact I have seen some great images produced from camera phones and cheap disposable cameras. I felt sufficiently annoyed about this site and I have sent an email of complaint. I’ll keep you posted “if” I get a reply.

Gremlins have hit again
Sorry to say that I'm having problems formatting the post in Blogger again. I thought I had found a work around after my previous problems. the links to the pictures just wont do what I want them to do. I dont think that I can add the offending images to You Will Never Look At Them In The Same Way Again because they are not available to download in the Flickr site, I do think that it is rediculous setting restrictions like that in Flickr because if you really wanted a copy of a pic there is a fiddley way by changing screen res and using a bog standard keyboard screen grab.

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