Saturday, 6 September 2008

Artist Development Day

We had an artist development day at Solihull Arts Complex, I wasn’t quite sure what it was all about but I decided to go because it was facilitated by the local artist Eva Bennett and Tessa Hills and that’s reason enough and I wasn’t disappointed.

Problem: Aimee Green the Artist Development Officer wants to support local artists and groups but she doesn’t know what we need. Indeed in the past she has organised events such as “Working Internationally” and the attendance has been poor; so is that what we need? It has also become apparent that perhaps we artists don’t know what’s available or the questions to ask: so it’s a communication Problem!

During the day we asked and answered loads of questions without knowing it, by being creative. This involved various exercises of making things to illustrate a scenario for instance I can now explain my art practise with the aid of an old jam jar filled with pieces of glass.
  1. ) My work is printed on toughened glass.
  2. ) Like the small glass and mirror particles the view changes with the moving daylight
and a whole lot more
By focusing on the jam jar (it was clean and no longer had jam in) it seemed a very powerful means of achieving the communication and extracting more information.

another piece of my creative endeavours

At the end of the day many questions had been answered and Tessa introduced us to a book called “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron a Course in Discovering your Creative Self. I bought it on the net via Book Butler the cheapest book site I know of, costing less than £5 I can’t go wrong all I need now some time to read it.

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