Thursday, 18 September 2008

Birmingham ArtsFest Weekend

Nice to meet a few “You Will Never Look at Them in the Same Way Again” readers amongst the big crowds at the ArtFest last weekend. This year the visual arts gallery show “Artspace” was situated in the Banqueting Suite at the Council House in Victoria Square. This was an ideal venue which allowed everyone room to walk around and view the work on show. Having learnt lessons from previous year’s events the organisation was superb although you can never legislate for the weather.

The rain falls, is anybody going to come to ArtsFest 08? What’s the forecast for Saturday and Sunday?

The rain seemed to draw people indoors to the gallery; perhaps they had left home without a look at the forecast or even popped into the preview show on the way home from work in the city.

After the show closed on Friday evening we went outside (in the rain) for the Light Night show. The spectacular display transformed the civic buildings with lights and images, it was so good I forgot I was drenched.

Drenched or not we headed off down to Aston University to the Birmingham Beer Festival, being a Guinness drinker I haven’t a clue about Real Ale but I can guarantee a good pint of the black stuff in any real ale pub because they look after the beer so well, on this occasion I had my mate Chris with me, he certainly knows his stuff and pointed me in the direction of some good stouts.

On Saturday the sun arrived, in fact it was too hot (we are never happy are we) and after the rain the night before it got quite muggy. The great thing about an event like this is you get chance to network with ot
her artists, some new contacts and friends from previous events.

Of course I always have a camera to hand and click anything that moves and sometimes they don’t have to move

Andrew Bainbridge

David experiments with photographing objects trapped in ice and takes the pictures while the ice melts. He’s also got some great work from his extensive travels. Diverting from art for a moment David explains about his passion for fishing and the one that got away “this was the distance between his eyes”

Nick Williams
I met Wolverhampton based Nick at last year’s event and I we bumped into one and other through the year. I don’t know if Nick has a website, I did a search on Google but there is a load of Nick Williams around the world.

Claire and Amy are sisters who make and I quote “Imaginary winged creatures created from abandoned, reclaimed and recycled objects". I was relieved to see that they are not in competition with me to discover dumped burnt cars because there work is far more delicate as they use pins, buttons, pen nibs etc, and nothing bigger than a light bulb.

Taking photos of exhibitions and my work hanging on the wall is very important for me it gives me a reference for my career as a working artist.

Its also part of a process that hopefully will illustrate my work as an art piece, I have found that when I explain my work to people somehow they miss that “look and feel” effect factor and its not until its seen on the wall does this become apparent. So there will be more On The Wall pictures on my website in future.

Hopefully by being a little bit creative with the gallery photos I can make these pictures less boring and repetative.

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frillip moolog: said...

Hello John. I've got some great photos of the images projected onto the Council House. I've put them on my Facebook. Now thinking that I should put them up on my blog too.