Saturday, 20 September 2008

Something Different – My attempt at Sculpture

A friend reminded me of some sculptor a Chess Set Comprising of Pieces Made of Coke Cans and Bottles that I did a few years ago and asked why it isn’t still on my website. I removed it along with other work because I wanted to focus on my art practise today – the dumped scrapped and burnt cars.

After I saw a funny video on You Tube were the Coca Cola HGV driver sabotages the Pepsi lorry so that he can deliver first I thought of a Chess Set, Coca Cola against Pepsi.

Cola Wars

This piece was accepted for a few open exhibitions noticeably the “Art Official” show at the Light House Media Centre, Wolverhampton in November 2004. When it’s on show people can’t resist moving the pieces around. I dabbled a bit with sculpture without being totally at home working in a 3rd dimension and sadly I found it hard to follow up this thought provoking work. It was a bit like following up “the” album or a Number One hit record, and I know how Thunderclap Newman feel, showing my age there. How about Chesney Hawkes “The One and Only” or one of the best one hit wonders 4 Non Blondes “What's Up” or even New Radicals “You Get What You Give”

One thing I like about this work is when the exhibition is over I don’t have to take it down with care wrap it in cotton wool which of course I do with my photographs on glass (even toughened glass breaks) I don’t even have to go and pick it up I just tell them to dump it in the skip.

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