Friday, 24 April 2009

RBSA| Royal Birmingham Society of Artists

I went to the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists gallery on Sunday evening. For a private view of the exhibition “Candidates”, this show is for artists hoping to be elected as Associates or Associates hoping to be elected as Members of the Society.

Artist Unknown

3 artists from the Solihull Artists Forum are exhibiting in the show Usha Khosla, Frances Townley and Jan Gay, I took the opportunity to take some photographs for the SAF website

Francis Townley

Frances Townley 

Click for Frances pages on the Solihull Artist Forum website

Jan Gay

Jan Gay

Click for Jans pages on the Solihull Artist Forum website

I had problems photographing Jans work because the work was up high I’m not tall enough to take the shot at the direct angle, the photos I took seemed at a funny angle

I spoke to Usha early in the evening but I lost contact with her so there’s no photograph of here with her work and as her work was displayed in glass cabinets I decided to wait for another time when I can do it justice. Have a look at her website for now.

Margaret Fairhead

As you can imagine the standard was very high, I was introduced to Margaret Fairhead who produces these beautiful textiles she is applying for Membership.

Handing In By John Shakespeare

I was impressed with the diverse styles of painting and in particular this painting by John Shakespeare

Title: Handing in,
Media: Oil,
Price: £850,
Artist: John Shakespeare
Have a look at Johns work at

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