Thursday, 16 April 2009

New Origin For My Unusual Contemporary Photographs

Finding the burnt out cars to use as a basis for my rather unusual contemporary photographs is like feast or famine, regular readers of “You Will Never Look At Them In The Same Way Again” will know that there were two cars found just two days apart in February but nothing since then.

While walking the dogs today I noticed the first tell tale signs of a burnt car, namely tyre tracks leading off the main walk area and into the woods, as I eagerly followed them my hopes were dashed as I found pieces of a burnt car on the floor and at that point I knew that the car had been towed away.

Not Excactley a peice of fine art at least this could pass as sculpture

I carried on more in a disbelieving hope that I was wrong only to find the scorched ground.

the empty stage

I looked around for something to retrieve from the incident, a panel or even a smaller piece of metal. There was nothing obvious. There was some molten glass that had solidified into an interesting shape but it was completely grey and didn’t photograph very well.

this aerosol can has possibilities

Then I found this aerosol canister which had many interesting marks on it, so I took it home.

Contemporary artwork

and heres the first two pictures that I have worked on. I’m going to treat the canister in my garden studio and see what results and photographs develop.

I found out that the car was a Peugeot Estate, which made me curse even more because I have found Peugeots have a great combination of metal and body paint that produces great textures and markings, (Scream 1) and estate cars have those nice long roofs that buckle with the intense heat (Sream 2)

I did say that its feast or famine so I’m hoping because the gates have been stripped from the entrance and access for the arsonists will be easier there might be at least one new burnt car in the woods over the next week.

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Targenor said...

Hi, i just browsed through your blog, and i liked the pictures that you take, you are very good at it.