Thursday, 2 April 2009

Saatchi’s Best of British. Phew made it

First of all a bit of background from the website: Saatchi's Best Of British is a nationwide initiative by the BBC and Charles Saatchi to discover the next generation of artistic talent. From artist submissions six chosen artists will be enrolled into Art School in London where they will develop their work under the tutelage of some of the most influential names in the art world today. There will be two principle tutors whose roles are to grow the talents of the students and guide them with their proposed projects towards the final selection. To further inspire and develop them, important figures in the art world will make guest appearances and deliver master classes.

So can you image this is like winning the lottery for any artist.

Every stage of the process, from initial selection to the exhibition, will be filmed for a documentary series to be broadcast later this year on BBC Two. At heart this is a documentary series about art: how it's created, how it embodies ideas, and how it achieves value in our culture.

I did say its like winning the lottery and just as hard because I can imagine every artist wanting to apply. But then it starts to break down and you realise, well not so many will even begin the process I spoke to a few artist friends who thought it was a good idea but wouldn’t get involved because they don’t want to appear on TV, too shy. So slice off a good percentage there. Then the application process were the organisers asked for a video to explain about ourselves and our art practices, now this is not the easiest of projects to put together I was very lucky in being able to call on some previous experience in this field some years ago when: I used to work in radio in the early 80s suddenly with the success of the pop video station MTV every broadcaster was trying to emulate that success and tried changing every radio show into a TV format and every DJ into a VJ, so I was whisked off to a crash course in TV presentation which was only used in a small way at the time but none the less what I learnt there has helped me present myself in networking situations etc ever since. But you can slice a load of artists there.

And finally uploading the application, Midnight Sunday was the closing deadline, but the website was down most of the evening, I kept on trying then eventually at 11:20pm the website was up and I managed to get to click the submit button. Phew!

Saatchis Best of British Thanks

Can you imagine the disappointment after all the hard work I had put into the production if I had failed at this point. So I am sure there are many artists who would of given up at some point in the evening never to return

I did say its like an artist lottery and chances of winning are so slim, but like the lottery if your not in it you cant win it! Tags: ,,
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