Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Birmingham Photospace Flash Swap Exhibition

Saturday lunch time I made my way down to the Custard Factory to hand in my picture for the Flash Swap Exhibition and then off I went to watch my son play football, I got a bit sunburnt or wind burnt and returned to the Custard Factory in the early evening.

Birmingham Photospace

As you can see there was a very good turnout of photographers of all levels of experiences and reputations. I bumped into so many people I hadn’t seen for a long time, a quick mention for Mike Hale whose website address is the only one I know, I first met Mike on the Creative Alliance course in 2006. It was a good course that introduced us to the business side of the arts, ideal after you have finished your degree and think how can I make a living as an artist. On day one we were separated into pairs and had to introduce the other person to the group for me describing Mikes work was easy because he included so much experimentation and variety at such a high standard.

It was nice to see Pete Ashton the blogging guru or Journeyman of the blogging spheres, that’s his description but it is very accurate he had just returned from some techie, bloggy web2 networking event in Austin Texas yep this is a hardcore blogger with about 3 or 4 on the go at the same time plus a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and loads of other social networking sites that the rest of the world will discover in about 12 months time, he’s the type of person you would see in the corner of a bar or restaurant tapping away on his laptop, its thanks to Pete and his friend Stef Lewandowski who talked me into blogging

Pete Ashton Read him at

Pete donated some of his business card size photos (as a set),

Birmingham Phil on Flickr

Birmingham Phil of Flickr fame was there; although he is one of my contacts/friends on Flickr I didn’t recognize him in the crowd.

Custard Factory’s Vaad Gallery everyone makes their selection
Flash Swap Exhibition The Custard Factory

So after a short speech everyone was able to select the photograph that they wanted to take home. When we originally handed in our pictures at reception we received a small label with a number on it (one picture equals one label) and this is how we notified our claim to a photograph.

oh dear one picture two labels

This picture by Richard Gill created a bit of controversy because it was it was chosen by two people I don’t know the outcome.

As usual with my work the hung it the wrong way up

I don’t know this gentlemans name but he sure has a great taste in art, he went for the “Untitled” Giclee print by John Garghan and when I’m famous or dead he can look back on this moment when he made his fortune.

Birmingham Music Legend Steve Gibbons

This is the photograph that I chose Birmingham Music Legend Steve Gibbons; I had my eye on it during the opening speeches so I positioned myself very close but when we got the go ahead to make our selection I couldn’t find my label. The photographer is Tim Ellis

Judging by the turnout and the feedback on the site from people who couldn’t make it I’m sure we will have a similar event in the future

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