Friday, 6 March 2009

Bugs, Bridge and, and, and I forgot: Memory

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I can’t have a post on “You Will Never Look at Them in the Same Way Again” without a picture. If there are any loose panels around when I photograph a car I will take them home with me. The bonnet from the car featured in the post Bloody PCs, bloody Microsoft and a great new car to photograph” has been battered by the winter weather in my garden and today we had the great combination of rain, frost and then brilliant sunlight. It just looked right for a few photographs.


Spent today fixing the bugs in the website, well its impossible to do a complete re write of a site (or any software program) of any size and not have a bug that will not turn up during initial testing. This bug was on my main template file and it had been copied all the way through the site.

If I was flying a Boeing 747 we would all be dead by now. I’m not and its no real problem because nobody has been on the site since the change, Oh really? Well that’s another bug because I didn’t put the code on from the website tracking sites Google Analytics and StatCounter


Finally found out what was the problem with my PC, regular readers of the site will know that a few weeks before my exhibition I began to experience problems and since then I have been nursing it along and trying to work while expecting a crash at any moment so of course I had to be extremely vigilant with excessive backups of files. A simple task like replying to an email meant copying the email onto a memory stick and then moving the file to a very slow laptop.

I have tried all kinds of tests, restored and restored so yesterday I began to try changing components so that through trial and error I would get the answer. First, because it’s the quickest and easiest to get at I changed the memory sticks and it appears to be the 2GB stick that’s faulty.

Adobe Bridge

Having restored my PC originally just after New Year I had lost all the programs that were installed, normally that’s no problem because I have the software on disk and I would just re install, but my sick pc wasn’t always recognizing the CD drive and when it did most of the time would not run a setup file (even when I copied the contents of the CD or DVD to my hard drive) now of course everything’s working just fine.

Do you know what I missed more than anything? Not being able to use Adobe Bridge I didn't realize how much I rely on it but I find it so good for organising my photos. So now I can get to work on all the pictures from the exhibition and the artist talk last week. Hurray!

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