Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I’m flabbergasted! “You Will Never Look at Them in the Same Way Again” gets 1500 hits in one day!

I had a massive surprise at lunchtime today when I logged into my web tracking program to find that the blog had achieved 1345 hits in less than 12 hours, it eventually trickled over the 1500 line just before midnight.

So how has it jumped from 350 hits on a good day (if the wind is in the right direction) to this impressive figure? I have no idea.

Once I have loaded a new post I “Ping” the blog url to a few weblogs in particular which does seem responsible for 99.99% of the hits every day. must be having a very successful period because not only did this site drive so much traffic to “You Will Never Look at Them in the Same Way Again” but when I tried to access the site about 7pm GMT to top up the Ping I found was down, perhaps because they had an overload of visitors themselves.

Analysing the data further: I found there were 39 returning visitors, this seems to be my daily average which I’m very happy with because it shows the blog has a following and that has always been the aim. However, I’m disappointed to find that there was no follow on clicks arriving at my website and that of course has to be my ultimate goal. So why is this happening? Is it because when a visitors sees the blog on it some how is enticed by the headline or pretty pictures and clicks to find out what its all about but then realises in a matter of seconds that the art practice of someone who photographs burnt out cars is not for them and then clicks away to the next flash of interest. Or has it something to do with the layout of the blog page that doesn’t direct the visitor to the website, I shall experiment further.

About just post your blog and select a category that the blog can be pigeon holed into, for example I would categorise “You Will Never Look at Them in the Same Way Again” under “art” (naturally) , “arts” and something like “Shopping” and “Gifts”. As you are doing this you will notice several blogs appear on screen and your blog will shortly appear there too. The blog stays there until it becomes the last one pinged (and effectively the first blog) then someone pings their blog to knock you out of the list.

About By pasting a small piece of code onto your website Statecounter immediately counts and analyses all the visitors to your blog and provides you with so much information How many visitors, their location, what sites they came from and how long they spent on the blog. Best of all, its free (although there is an option to make a donation).

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solunarsilverstudio said...

Hi fellow Brit! Personally, I like a bit of decay!! I think there is a lot of beauty in rust and rotten wood, glass shards, peeling why not burnt out cars?? Boy, did I struggle reading your blog type on almost black screen - I need more contrast - I couldn't manage more than one post...
I've just started blogging and am really struggling up a steep learning curve - I'm a complete technophobe really - so your info on blogging is very useful! If I can work out how to put you on my 'blogroll' (having just discovered what that is!!) I'll put you on it...not sure I'll be able to read your future posts though!