Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Artists at the Show

My one man show at the Solihull Arts Complex continues into its final weeks, at this stage I’m beginning to think about collecting bubble wrap and cardboard for packaging and make some space again at home for the pieces. As my work is printed on glass you will appreciate the necessity for good protection and during the last 2 years I have developed a combination of cardboard, and packing that fully protects particularly the corners but is very quickly assembled and taken apart if I want to show somebody, perhaps a gallery owner.

Lorna Jones While my show has been running there has also been a small exhibition of photographs by Lorna Jones down on the ground floor of the Arts Complex.

Lorna attended my private view and I have been meaning to feature her on “You Will Never Look at Them in the Same Way Again” but I couldn’t find the photographs (because of my iffy computer – yes its still not right but I’m getting by) .

Lorna Jones work 01 Lorna Jones work 02 Lorna Jones work 03

Because of the light in the area and the glass mountings it proved very difficult to photograph all of her work but as you can see she also relies on the automobile business for her images. Notice she has some magic red dots next to these pictures, well done.

Solihull Arts Complex

A few weeks ago I was taking some reference photos of my work in an exhibition situ in the gallery and asked a young lady to pose for some shots next to the work.

Solihull Arts Complex Gallery

She visits the library for her weekly Spanish lesson and I found out that she is a Fine Art Degree student at Coventry University, her work centres around scaffolding and she showed me her sketch book containing some great textile images.
Scaffolding Artwork 01 Scaffolding Artwork 04

Scaffolding Artwork 02

We didn’t swap contact details but I hope I get an invite to her degree show in June.

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