Monday, 16 March 2009

Flickr – Or I’ll Scratch Your Back If You Scratch Mine

I enjoy photography and I love, I can spend hours looking at photographs on the site comparing different styles, subjects and the variations that each photographer will use. Here are some pictures from my Flickr site.

The Day Job on Flickr

The Day Job: - This set is associated with the body of work found in my art practice; here I can test the response to a new image by noting how many clicks a photograph achieves before I spend more effort marketing it.

Cricket (click image for a larger version)

Bellbroughton on Flickr

Australia v England at Perth on Flickr

My hobby: That’s Playing Cricket, Watching Cricket and now photographing Cricket.

Other sets include

Birmingham on Flickr


The Hamsters on Flickr

Live Gigs

My Dogs on Flickr


Prague on Flickr


Two photograph series that have grown into larger projects:

The Last Snow on Flickr

The Last Snow to Fall in Yardley Wood

With the threat of Global Warming I have this mission to photograph the last snow to fall where I live in Yardley Wood, Birmingham.

Valentines Day on Flick

The 365 Project:-  Take a photo everyday and post it to Flickr on that day, every day in 2009. This has been a great exercise in making me look for a photograph everywhere I go during the day, I find myself walking along the road and looking up alleyways or above street level for that piece of interesting and unique architecture or a reference to a bygone age. I’m forced to always carry a camera and now never say “I wish I had a camera” (with me).

Having posted to Flickr I want as many people as possible to look and comment on the work, and if I see anything of interest I will do the same. In this quest for more viewers each picture is added to a relevant Flickr Group, as soon as you do this you will see the number of hits on a picture increase and nice comments start to be added to the picture, great. Or is it? Most groups have rules. Basically if you past a picture to the group you have to comment on other pictures in the group. I realised as I was commenting I’m only fulfilling my contractual obligation, would I really want to comment if I didn’t have to. I would rather have that choice. So I stopped throwing my comments around now giving only to a deserving image.

The Group Administrators and Group Moderators are threatening to throw me out of their groups if I don’t abide by there rules. Am I really bothered? No I will just link to groups who don’t have this rule and rely on traffic from relevant Tags on my photos and the network of friends and contacts that I have built up enjoying their company over the last year. If I had some spare time I might start my own group The “Just Post It - Comment On Another If You Think It Deserves It” Group.

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