Friday, 30 January 2009

Bloody PCs, bloody Microsoft and a great new car to photograph

The latest news on my PC is that we have tested some of the known symptoms associated with Windows rebooting- overheating or faulty power supply and as yet nothing seems to add up, strangely after having formatted the hard disc and installed Windows XP when I try to upgrade Service Pack 3 it crashes. Any way lets assume that no one reading “You Will Never Look At Them In The Same Way Again” is a geek and move on enough to say that I have handed it over to my friends Keith and Andy at Bytesize Computers on the Robin Hood Island in Birmingham.

Trying to carry on life and work on my old laptop is like trying to run a marathon but running through treacle. To open a photograph in Photoshop is taking forever so you can image what I’m going through when I say that I took 350 pictures this morning and I cant even sort out the bad fuzzy ones from the “possibles might use it in the future” ones therefore I will wait till I get the tower back to work on the photos associated with the exhibition preview night and some of the events connected to the show. You can get a look at some pictures via my Flickr site which somehow I have managed to keep going through all the mayhem

I got a call from my brother who found a burnt out car at the Maypole in Birmingham, so off I go with camera in hand but when I arrived there was the Ford Galaxy up on a lorry ready for the scrap yard, the burn marks were no good anyway, so I got on the phone to my brother to tell him the latest news. He told me I can’t be right because he was still looking at the car.

The car he spotted was about 200 yards around the corner.

The arsonist really had a great time swinging the car all over the grass verge then resting against the signs, as you can see they got a bit creative.

Remarkable when you think that this is happening on one of the busiest roads in Britain, the 50 bus route that runs to and from Birmingham City Centre through the Maypole is the most used in Europe.

At one stage while I was working and concentrating on the THE shot I became overcome by the extreme smell of the still leaking petrol fumes, I have never experienced this before and for a while I had to work up wind. It wasn’t until I now I realised that I was in a very dangerous environment that could of become a fireball in no time.

So here is a hurriedly put together picture which because of the time frame involved and perhaps my slow laptop doesn’t match my artist statement. If you want to see my work in the gallery and your close to the West Midlands area have a look at my latest exhibition.

Exhibition Title: You Will Look at Them in the Same Way Again
Venue: Solihull Gallery
Address: Solihull Arts Complex, Library Square, Touchwood, Homer Road, Solihull, West Midlands
Dates: 19th January - 7th March
Theres an Artist Talk event on Thursday 26th February at 6pm

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