Friday, 16 January 2009

Two weeks of work before the exhibition opens.

First a catch up on whats been happening in the world of John Garghan since I last posted on “You Will Never Look at Them in the Same Way Again”.

A New Years Message from one of my lookouts
I have been one of the many who have been caught by this horrible virus flu/cold like symptom epidemic that’s been sweeping the country. Mine has been the cold flavour or should I say coldzzzzs, I have had about 4 one after another as soon as one fades away a new begins. One is on the way out now and I hope this is the end. While I was in the middle of one “cold” and feeling extremely ill I woke one morning to a text message from John the Park Cleaner who is one of my top scouts for finding burnt out cars. Oh no I thought I can barely sit up without my head spinning or is it the room that’s moving and there’s a burnt out car waiting to be photographed by me. The text was mearly a joke and a Happy New Year message, somewhat relieved I had been spared the dilemma I answered and went back to sleep.
The latest news of my exhibiition
I know I promised a look at some more blogs that I follow and I will do that very shortly but I’m in the thick of preparing for my exhibition.

Exhibition Title: You Will Look at Them in the Same Way Again
Venue: Solihull Gallery
Address: Solihull Arts Complex, Library Square,Touchwood, Homer Road, Solihull, West Midlands
Dates: 19th January - 7th March
You are invited to the Private View Thursday 22nd January 6pm to 7:30
We began the instillation yesterday and because there is a lot of new content in the show all printed onto toughened glass I have been backwards and forwards across Birmingham collecting glass or printing. Its worked like clockwork and I must say a thank you to The Glassworks and Action Graphics who supplied right on time. The only problem I encounter happened last week when The Glassworks called to tell me I could pick up the sheets of glass but I couldn’t open my car doors because the locks had frozen. Using a cocktail of WD40 and De-icer I managed to free the doors although now the central locking system is out of sync with doors locking when they should be open and visa versa and further
more they are never all locked or all open its random. Reminds me of the 1960s film “How I won The War” starring John Lennon who played a very raw recruit into the army; Musketeer Gripweed who couldn’t get the hang of marching or at
least marching in time with everyone else he then got everybody else doing it wrong. The Sergeant Major decided to isolate him from the others and show him how it was done but Gripweed ended up getting the sergeant major screwing it up too.

A trip to London to pick up a picture for the show
I decided that I needed a main picture for the show that would stand out above the rest of the work,
I do have a picture that is a unique one off print:
I will never print the photograph this size or as large again
The print process used for this picture has since changed and it is now impossible to calibrate the digital file to recreate the same result again. That photograph was down at the gallery of International Art Consultants in London. They represent my work into the commercial sector through Art For Offices. So a visit to London to pick up this precious piece also enabled me to visit and have a chat about how we can support one and other to sell my work
Trafalgar Square at 1:30pm, you can see how bad the weather is by the light or lack of light

Despite horrible weather I had a great trip, although I had to pay the London congestion charge of £8 I found the traffic moved freely through central London, the last time I drove through the city it was one big bumper to bumper crawl.

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