Saturday, 3 January 2009

The blogs that I follow

As an artist I find I spend a great deal of time surfing the net, looking for galleries to approach, inspiration from the big wide world or just to look at other artists work. I call it all part of my job, well that’s my excuse. Here are a few blogs and sites I regularly dip into.

This has no relationship with art so that proves a point. The blog follows a couple who took early retirement and travel the inland waterways of Britain in their narrow boat “No Problem”. A friend introduced me to this site about 12 months ago and I have followed it ever since, I don’t know why I have no urge to live on a canal boat but it is just a nice diary. This site got me interested in blogging and taught me there is always a story to tell and blog about

This has no relationship with art so this again proves a point. Every Tuesday night I go to the quiz night at The Bulls Head, Hall Green, Birmingham. Pete achieves the impossible and writes one of the best quizzes that I have been to. His philosophy for a quiz is: - Don't make it too hard (people don't like to go home thinking that they know nothing!) If people don't know an answer, when they do hear it they say, "****, I should have known that!!" (There's nothing worse at a quiz than being none the wiser when you've heard the answer!) It works.

Pete's 'Today in History' Quiz has 3 questions relating to this day in history and with answers published the following day I cheat and read a day late. I’m useless on questions based on art and artists which surprises everyone. 

Petes written a book "The Easy Quiz Master" it’s self published and available via Amazon and

This blog reports on the creative community in Britians second city. Its run by Chris Unitt and it’s a pretty slick site, My thanks to Chris and his coverage of “You Will Never Look at Them in the Same Way Again” because I get loads of clicks originating from Created In Birmingham.  

The next post will feature some great artist blogs. 

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