Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Why do PCs crash at the worst possible moment?

Last Thursday was the private view of my latest exhibition.

Exhibition Title: You Will Look at Them in the Same Way Again
Venue: Solihull Gallery
Address: Solihull Arts Complex, Library Square, Touchwood, Homer Road, Solihull, West Midlands
Dates: 19th January - 7th March
There's an Artist Talk event on Thursday 26th February at 6pm

But before I could mail shot everybody to publicise the event my computer started crashing and rebooting. I managed to hold it together by the use of the equivalent of blue tack and string and then restored it back to factory settings on Saturday night. That was not the end of my problems and it now seems that its a hardware fault and not the Windows operating system (sorry Microsoft the number of times I have cursed you this week) Further more when I tried to restore my art work files back onto the PC there was another system crash that seemed to damage my external backup hard drive. In a panic I have been trying to fix that and eventually after defragging and using lots of utilities everything seems to be ok.

Data is Backed up, but!!

I do have everything backed up on DVDs CDs and old hard drives but finding the data and tracking down the latest versions would be time consuming and a bit of a nightmare using my old laptop and a 15 year old tower running on Windows 98. The technology has moved on and even copying a large 8 megapixel photo file from one old device to another seems to take forever. In fact I’m copying all my old car original car pictures to the hard drive on my laptop which is taking 6 hours.

Will this unhappy situation create more hits on my blog?

When I look at the visitor stats for “You Will Never Look at Them In The Same Way Again” I notice that the most popular keywords or key phrases that attract hits to the blog are “How do I restore my PC back to factory setting?” and this refers the user to a post I made regarding another PC disaster. last Summer.

Now in the world of SEO I have attracted visitors to my blog but are they relevant visitors because. I’m sure while my PC world was falling apart the last thing I wanted to do was read a blog about some idiot who photographs burnt out cars in the name of art, or indeed select some fine art photography to mount on that bare wall in my living room.

To come: once I have finished my pc repairs and loaded all the software: the pictures from last weeks Private View of the exhibition, and look at what the children of Solihull are doing having based their paintings on my photographs.

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