Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Probably the best car I have ever photographed. Ever!

A second car was burnt out today in the same park that I found the car on Friday see the previous post, it often happens like this and then there will be nothing for months because those responsible have been sent to prison or juvenile detention centres. This car was dumped on the other side of the park as if they had used the back entrance, however on Friday they had broken a heavy duty gate lock to enter the park so of course they knew it would be easy to get in through there, and once in side they had some fun across the grass

Picture of Nissan

This was one of the best cars that I had ever seen in terms of markings although the proof of the pudding is how they look when I get them home on the pc and start looking for that distinctive landscape quality. Each side of the car was covered in so many colours it was so good I didn’t know where to start. Again the sunlight was great, very strong and in just the right position relevant to the car. I moved around the car changing the angle in all directions.


The front and back of the car was quite poor and the normally good areas such as the roof and wings were no good at all, the roof had no markings just a kind of pink dusty texture which doesn’t translate very well into the finished image.

Unusual Artwork

I couldn’t find out anything about the origin of the car, I know it was a Nissan because there was a small badge on the ground but because it was so far from the paths across the park nobody came close by and so there was no conversations with anybody. Apart that is from a group of youngsters who were shouting abuse from a distance, I never know if its best to engage with them or ignore them. Two police officers appeared after they saw me pouring water over the car (must of thought I was mad) but they won’t tell you anything even if they know.

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