Friday, 6 February 2009

Exhibition at the Solihull Arts Complex

Exhibition Title: You Will Never Look at Them in the Same Way Again.

Venue: Solihull Arts Complex

Address: Library Square
Homer Road
West Midlands

Dates: open up to 7th March

There is an Artist Talk event on Thursday 26th February at 6pm


Got my PC back today, when they put it on the bench it behaved impeccably and made me look a right idiot, so I took it home and guess what so far in about 3 hours its crashed and re booted 3 times, and a load of other program associated issues that I shall not bore you with here. Anyway one way and another I have managed to prepare the pictures from the show



This couple I meet during a meeting at Sainsburys cafĂ© with Steph Adams and Jackie Mackay the three of us were selecting the pictures for the show ( or rather Steph and Jackie did) and of course we had all the pictures spread out over 2 tables. Everybody passing couldn’t miss the work. This couple were one of those customers who passed by and staid to talk.



This is Rita Ryan who is responsible for me working as an artist today, I was producing nice “chocolate box” drawing and paintings when I turned up at Ritas Monday art class in Kings Heath, Birmingham. Somehow Rita has the ability to push you that little bit further but in comfortable way. Quite a talent.. Every time I’ve a Private View Rita has been invited but there has always been some reason why she couldn’t make it.

Eva Bennett and Lisa Marie Thompson

13 louise

Lord Mayor

The Lord Mayor was very relieved that only one of the photographs had originated from a car that was burnt out in Solihull. I asked him when he is back in the council meetings if could persuade the parks department to take down the barriers that block the joy riders driving on the parkland and in fact steps to encourage them so that it’s a lot easier for me to find the burn outs. After all he could see the benefits to the local arts industry and there is the additional service to the community of keeping the kids off the street and giving them something to do.


12 louise

Petes Today In History Quiz

Also there was Pete from the famous “Pete's 'Today In History' Quiz “ blog the timing worked just right as he was able to pop along before going to the Colebrook pub the Thursday night pub quiz.


artists at slug & lettuce

At the end we all went off to the Slug and Lettuce pub and here I am surrounded by the girls and some very good artists no less Rita Fletcher, Eva Bennett, Marie Prestleton and Judy Reece.

artist John Bishop and John Thomas

And finally I was so busy spreading myself about and talking to everybody I had very little time to take any pictures myself my thanks go to fellow artist John Bishop (on the left) seen here with another artist John Thomas.

marie & chris

And Chris Mould my other intrepid snapper seen here with Marie who flew in from the Czech Republic and made it an international event.

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