Thursday, 19 February 2009

Finished photographs from the two recent burnt out car finds

Fine art photography 01

Image from the car on Friday 13th

I promised I would work on an image from the car I photographed on Friday the 13th and here it is I didn’t have to do much Photoshop editing here because most of the work was done when I took the photograph, I had poured water over the wing and this mixed with the sunlight produced the image I wanted.


Image from the second car “Probably the Best car I Have Ever Photographed. Ever”

I was very excited when I first saw this car and throughout the time I was working photographing it, but somehow when I processed the photos on my computer I wasn’t as enthusiastic with them. Somehow the colours don’t seem right to me they are very vibrant but perhaps there are too many strong deep colours in a small area. Sometimes a car that looks good will not produce any final images that fit with my clearly defined art practice and visa versa. Now I’m not saying this isn’t a good image but does it look like a landscape to you?

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