Saturday, 7 February 2009

Unexpected Ghosts In The Photograph

I’m currently involved in the 365 project on my Flickr website, I’m committed to taking a photograph of anything and posting it on Flickr everyday of 2009. The main reason for this pressure is to make sure I’m constantly taking photographs keeping up to speed with using my SLR and at the same time I might find another subject to base my art practise on after all I can’t work with burnt out cars forever can I?

This morning I found myself walking my dog Sally around Cannon Hill Park I took a few photographs and then driving home I took some more, at that stage all of them could be a promising contender for Flickr Photo No 38/365 but when I got home and loaded them on the PC none of them looked that good, a tree in the wrong place or the light had suddenly changed as I took the shot. No real problem at this stage because I still had 13 hours of 7th February left and I had planned a very full day so I was confident.

Canon Hill Park St

I started playing around with the images in Photoshop, this picture I cropped tight into the bandstand (so this copy is about a third size of the original) but I still wasn’t happy with the tone definition, they would be poor because I was about 300 yards away from the bandstand, but while I was trying to enhance the values I noticed a white shadow in the corner and the figure on the bench.

Canon Hill Park Arrow

So off I went down to Canon Hill Park to photograph the snowman.

Canon Hill Park 01 Canon Hill Park 02 Canon Hill Park 03 Canon Hill Park 04
Canon Hill Park 05 Canon Hill Park 06 Canon Hill Park 07 Canon Hill Park 08

click on a photo to see a larger version

With the lunchtime sunshine and a few people in the picture I had a great time. Here’s the shot that’s on my Flickr site for today.

Canon Hill Park Fn

38/365 “Waiting for the Band”

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