Saturday, 19 July 2008

Jackson Pollack meets the Geysers

It’s interesting and I always listen to what people viewing my work for the first time think is the subject of the photography. No one has yet hit on the right answer, let’s face it photographing burnt out cars isn’t the most obvious thing to do with a camera although a favourite subject is the closely related cars in scrap yards.

There was of course many suggestions from people at the Jewellery Quarter Arts Fair but the one I really like “Jackson Pollack meets the Geysers” came from Brian Byrne. Brian is a compulsive clicker himself taking a mean photo of this Geyser,thanks for getting my good side and you can look at Brians other work on his Flickr site.

Other popular suggestions have been:
Landscape from above

Aerial Photography
View from an airplane
View from space.

Have a look at one of my latest photos and see what you think

And finally one that had to make me laugh CUSTARD but I will stick with and be honoured to be associated with Jackson Pollock

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