Monday, 7 July 2008

So Close Yet So Far

A very busy week and no time to blog so here's a catch up all in one go.

Monday 30th June

On Monday I had to drive to Exeter and on the return journey we got caught in a long traffic jam so for an a hour we slowly moved along and then at the end of the queue there was something that I can only define as mental cruelty. The reason for the jam was a car fire and not just any car but a Range Rover, now Range Rovers are BIG and have lots of good surface areas but also the steel used in their manufacture responds well to a good bit of arson or in this case a bit of extreme overheating. It seems that all the car manufacturers use different types of steel in their cars and Range Rovers always produce great markings. And there is this beautiful burnt out specimen on the motorway hard shoulder just a few feet away from me as we pass it but of course I cant do anything because you cant stop on the motorway, If you can think of a good excuse that I can give blagg an excuse to get out a take some photos I will be extremely indebted.

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