Friday, 25 July 2008

When Looking For Burnt Out Cars Never Jump To Conclusions

With the kids now on school holiday I can expect to find more burnt out cars than during term time, or is it just because its Summer time?

At the moment I’m flat out working on three “projects”:
  • Preparing a portfolio and accompanying promotion material for the Rhubarb festival next weekend.
  • Putting the finishing touches to a coffee table book featuring my artwork.
  • Developing the website for the Solihull Artists Forum of which I am a proud member.
More about them in future blog posts, but I’m sure you can appreciate it involves round the clock work and some very late nights on the PC so at 4am this morning I took the dogs for a short round the block walk before getting to bed. After only a few hours I got a telephone call from one of my lookouts who had found a burnt out Jeep, now when he said it was only half burnt I was even more convinced to go back to bed but somehow and even I’m surprised I headed off to Kings Heath and found this.

At this stage I wasn’t convinced that I hadn’t wasted my time as you can see there is very little burn markings on the panels, but I started to click without much enthusiasm until I came to the bonnet which was one of the best I had recently seen. Bonnets are generally not that good the burn markings are predictably poor perhaps because of the heat resistant qualities required in that part of the car and also the fire brigade will instantly hack it away from the vehicle once they arrive so that they can put the engine fire out.

The Jeep was extensively damaged but unfortunately it was mostly on the inside, however a small panel on the roof above the windscreen and in between the sunroof had produced some markings that made it all worth while.

I’m sure I can make something of this when I get some time.

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