Friday, 18 July 2008

This blog is not dead – I’m only knackered and confused!

I know the idea of blogging is to do it regular well life, work and family have just got in the way and taken priority this week. That’s not to say a whole load of things haven’t happened while I haven’t been blogging far from it, and I will update you on a few although the dates are all to pot.

I did try from time to time to put a very short entry but I had a few technical problems while uploading the blog: I get an error message refering to the HTML code yet I am not uploading via any HTML I just type merrilly away in Word (so that I can spellcheck) and then copy and paste into Bloggers own Publishing/Create Post facility. this time I'm not using word but straight into Notepad so that there is no hidden characters or code

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